Dream Mets bullpen after the trade deadline

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Dream NY Mets bullpen after the trade deadline: A.J. Puk, left-handed reliever

The Mets do have another left-handed reliever aside from Chafin in this dream. It’s A.J. Puk of the Oakland Athletics. The latest addition to the Mets roster following a trade with Oakland, he is reunited with Chafin, Starling Marte, Mark Canha, and any other 2021 Athletics players I may have missed. Is Frankie Montas on this roster yet? What’s appealing about Puk is how many years of control he has left. There are a lot of holes in this team’s bullpen coming up in the offseason. Puk could help solve one of them.

Dream NY Mets bullpen after the trade deadline: Trevor Williams, long reliever

Is there any better long reliever for the Mets than the guy they already have, Trevor Williams? If he’s around, we know the club has some automatic and quick starting pitching depth. As I rest my eyes and my subconscious puts together the best scenario for the Mets, he’s there.

What happened to Drew Smith, Joely Rodriguez, and everyone else?

What about all of the other guys, you ask? Drew Smith is in Syracuse as a depth piece in case of injury. I suppose in a dream world, there are no injuries. But why do I wake up with bruises sometimes?

Joely Rodriguez would have to be designated for assignment. So would a few other relievers. The Mets definitely have enough right-handed depth within the organization with the team of Yoan Lopez and Adonis Medina around. Add Smith to the mix, this impossible dream bullpen is sure to help carry the team far.

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