Mets bullpen depth chart includes 2 arms we trust, a few working their way back into the circle

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NY Mets relievers used for a specialized role: Joely Rodriguez, David Peterson

Joely Rodriguez and David Peterson are two lefties that may not see themselves pitching in the postseason this year for the Mets. Their roles will be a little more specialized if they did make it. Even in the regular season, there are only specific situations when they should enter.

Rodriguez is someone the Mets could carry into the postseason with the lone purpose of getting them out of innings against a big lefty hitter. Tossing more than that could be dangerous. I don’t need to tell you that. You’ve held your breath plenty with him on the mound.

Peterson, if he is in the bullpen at some point, would be less of an inning-to-inning option. He could, though, be used creatively. Imagine a starting lineup stacked with lefty hitters. An early exit from the Mets starter could allow for a change and give New York an advantage with splits or cause the other team to empty their bench.

One would have to think the Mets carry at least one lefty in the postseason bullpen.

NY Mets relievers left off the postseason roster: Mychal Givens, others

Mychal Givens and a lot of the other pitchers we’ve seen regularly this year such as Adonis Medina, Yoan Lopez, and others will be left behind. So will a few of the other previously mentioned pitchers. With the need for fewer starting pitchers in each round of the postseason, the Mets would have to debate whether or not someone like Carlos Carrasco is even worth having around as a bullpen arm.

It’s going to be hard for Givens to earn more trust than some of these other bullpen pieces that have had success with New York this season. Confidence in him is minimal. His spot on the depth chart is right there with those relievers we’ve seen flipping between the majors and Triple-A all season. Expect him to get left behind.

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