Mets bullpen depth chart includes 2 arms we trust, a few working their way back into the circle

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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NY Mets relievers building back trust: Seth Lugo, Trevor May, Tylor Megill, Drew Smith

The foursome of Seth Lugo, Trevor May, Tylor Megill, and Drew Smith all have potential to be big, impactful arms out of the bullpen for the Mets down the stretch and into the postseason. Each is at a different spot right now.

Lugo continues to occasionally get big inning assignments. The same goes for May who has missed a large portion of the season. With Megill and Smith, each is working their way back from injury. However, with some promising performances this season, we can have a little bit of confidence in each.

Megill’s transition from starters to reliever is something to watch closely. If it’s smooth, he could be a strong multi-inning and late threat much like the way Lugo used to be.

Some might toss Joey Lucchesi into this bunch. Factoring in that he hasn't thrown a major league pitch yet this season, it might be too ambitious right now.

NY Mets relievers here to keep things close: Tommy Hunter, Trevor Williams

Tommy Hunter isn’t quite at the level where we want to see him on the mound for anything other than to keep games close. Trevor Williams is a little bit different. More of a long man than a traditional reliever, how well he’s pitching in relief could determine his actual role with the ball club.

Ideally, Hunter might be someone Showalter calls upon in games that have swung in a major direction to favor one of the teams. If the Mets are out of it or way ahead, he could be someone to turn to. The same goes for Williams but for a few more innings.