Mets bullpen candidate William Woods is someone to have patience with

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The New York Mets snagged William Woods from the Atlanta Braves back in November off of waivers. The 23-year-old joins the Mets with only 2 games of MLB experience. In the minors, he hasn’t been so great.

Woods joins the Mets organization with a 4.60 ERA in the minors. It’s not what anyone would like to see. Versus other farmhands, a legitimate pitcher on the MLB roster should do much better.

Woods was far from exceptional in 2022 where he posted a 6.04 ERA at three different levels. Woods is someone the Mets picked up for something other than depth. He’s someone they’ll need to be somewhat patient with if there’s ever going to be a chance to get something from him at the big league level.

Where does William Woods fit into the Mets organization?

Because he was merely a waiver claim, we can probably expect Woods to fall in line to stick around for at least an Opening Day roster spot on the Syracuse Mets. Woods does have minor league options. He’s also not presently on the 40-man roster taking up a spot better used on someone more guaranteed to contribute next year.

Woods is strictly a reliever although he has made a couple of starts in his professional career. There’s no point in cutting him loose before the season begins. This year is one to figure out what and who he is.

Age definitely benefits Woods right now. The Mets can completely reconstruct him and hope to get more than the Braves ever did.

A 23rd round draft pick by Atlanta back in 2018, to even make it to the big leagues is a huge accomplishment. He did it quickly, too.

Woods is one of many early offseason additions the Mets made to the roster in hopes of getting lucky with someone. In 2023, we shouldn’t have too many expectations for him. He’s way down on the depth chart behind others with more major league innings or urgency to perform. Woods was an available arm the Mets felt their system could use. If all he ever ends up doing is eating up a few innings in a blowout loss, it’s not an issue.

The Mets will be hoping for more. They have time. Once he is added to the 40-man roster, however, Woods will need to show enough to stick around. Otherwise, the cycle may repeat.

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