If the Mets fire Buck Showalter, they should be hesitant to hire any of these 3 candidates

If this is it for Buck Showalter, the Mets need to be cautious about who they replace him with.
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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3) NY Mets should be cautious about replacing Buck Showalter with Mike Schildt

Former manager of the St. Louis Cardinals Mike Schildt has a pretty good resume. He was 252-199 during his four seasons with the club. He first took over with 69 games left in 2018 and left after the 2021 season due to “philosophical differences.” Where did he go? He has been employed by the same Padres Melvin is managing in a player development role. 

It’s not so much what Schildt did with the Cardinals or his connection to the Padres which should scare the Mets away. Schildt just doesn’t seem like the answer for the Mets. His success, while noteworthy, isn’t what the Mets need in the manager chair right now. Much like Melvin, what could he possibly bring to the table that Showalter didn’t already?

Two seasons now gone from managing a baseball club might have made Schildt a little rusty. His success in a city like St. Louis shouldn’t be overlooked and yet where he was so good does matter. Going from "baseball heaven" to the hustle of New York could end up as a mistake.

How would Schildt handle the aggressive New York media? There was never a question with Showalter who had the experience under his belt during his time as the skipper for the Yankees. Schildt may be perfectly fine. The Mets cannot settle for just fine.

Schildt has the capacity to be a really good manager somewhere, maybe even as a replacement for Melvin if the Padres decide to move on. For the Mets, it feels stale. There is a reason the Cardinals moved on despite the success. Tread lightly if his name comes up in a conversation. Don't kick and scream if he does get hired. With Stearns in the POBO role, we need to know the manager is fully on board with a shared philosophy. If Schildt and Stearns are a match,