Ranking Mets manager replacements for Buck Showalter from worst to best

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2) NY Mets replacement option for Buck Showalter: Joe Espada

After two internal candidates, it's time to broaden our horizons and look at other organizations. Joe Espada has been the Astros bench coach since the 2018 season and has overseen a borderline dynasty in that time. The Astros won the year before bringing him in and just won last season with ALCS appearances at minimum every other year.

Espada thrived under A.J. Hinch and has thrived under Dusty Baker and now he deserves his own shot at managing. The 48-year-old was a finalist when the Mets hired Buck Showalter to manage, and has gotten a lot of considerations from other teams. He's accomplished all he can as a bench coach and will presumably be hired to manage sooner than later.

Espada can bring everything he learned from the great baseball minds of Hinch and Baker and help build a winner in Flushing. He can also add the analytic side that Baker and Showalter lacked. What he's accomplished in Houston is what the Mets want to be.

The reason he's not first on this list is the lack of managerial experience. I have no doubt he can do a subperb job, but he's not as proven as my first choice.