3 reasons why this Buck Showalter quote is insane

Buck Showalter's latest quote revealed to Gary Cohen makes absolutely no sense for these three reasons.
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
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2) This Buck Showalter quote is insane because Brett Baty is simply better than Jonathan Arauz

One thing Showalter said he'd change about Tuesday's lineup was the Brett Baty insertion at third base. Baty will presumably play most of the time against right-handers, but Buck made it seem like Baty would be sitting against lefties when facing contending teams.

That's a problem obviously because Baty should be in there simply to continue getting experience, but he's also simply the best option the Mets have at this point.

It's been a rough rookie season for Baty who is slashing .217/.288/.328 with seven home runs and 29 RBI in 90 games. He was given the third base job after a monster start to his season in the minors with Eduardo Escobar struggling, but did nothing to warrant keeping the job. The Mets sent him down in early August to work on some things, and Baty does have hits in all three of his starts since returning.

Baty has struggled overall, and has been even worse against lefties, slashing .169/.217/.277 with just one of his seven home runs against southpaws. This is a problem, but there're two responses I have to that problem. First, he'll only get better with reps. Second, what's the alternative? Jonathan Arauz?

The Mets simply don't have another option at third base. They sent Danny Mendick down, and Arauz has just two hits (both singles) in 19 at-bats with nine strikeouts against lefties. Why exactly is he a better option? Because he's a switch-hitter?

Playing Baty not only is a good thing for his development and the Mets future, but it's the best move for them to make if their goal is to really put the best lineup out there.