These 3 teams should make Billy Eppler a trade offer for Brett Baty

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
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3) The Mets may have to dig deep to find something enticing on the Cubs roster

The Chicago Cubs are kind of building something on the Northside of town. They’ve signed Jameson Taillon and Dansby Swanson away from contenders this offseason. They’re the team giving Cody Bellinger a chance at redemption.

Many parts of the Cubs roster remain underwhelming. Third base is one of those spot. A trade with the Mets centered on Baty could help rectify it.

The three Cubs prospects in the top 100 right now are all outfielders. This includes their best, Pete Crow-Armstrong. You may remember him from such trades as the 2021 deadline deal for Javier Baez.

All, including PCA, rank lower than Baty. The Mets probably wouldn’t want to make the swap, unless the Cubs are able to sweeten the deal somehow with an additional prospect. It could make some sense for a trade like this. The Mets land a guy who is already familiar with the outfield. The biggest problem is he's further away from the majors.

There really isn’t much on the Cubs roster or in the organization that makes much sense for Baty. The only way he’d end up with them is if a third team gets involved.

The Mets don’t have much room for growth without vastly changing the roster. Many of us would still like to see an upgrade with the DH. Baty should, however, be in contention for at-bats in that spot anyway. If Daniel Vogelbach stunk up the joint, it wouldn’t be too costly to DFA him.

Both Chicago teams and Detroit should be on the phone with the Mets. Does Billy Eppler answer? It's not destiny on the other line.

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