These 3 teams should make Billy Eppler a trade offer for Brett Baty

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
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2) The Mets can look at the Tigers and see their great need at third base

The Detroit Tigers have an even worse situation than their division rivals in Chicago. The team spent most of last year forgetting what a home run was. Former Mets infielder Javier Baez was a huge signing for them and yet he put together a hugely disappointing year.

Possible trade additions for the Mets from Detroit are much different than Hendriks. Their top reliever, Gregory Soto, isn’t quite as accomplished but he does have more years of control, throws left-handed, and is several years younger. He’d be the guy to acquire in a deal headlined by Baty.

This does raise a similar question as it would with Hendriks. Is a top position player prospect worth trading away for a bullpen arm? I tend to think it isn’t.

The Tigers would need to blow the Mets away with a deal, possibly even including one of their other young pitchers in the deal. This sways the possible trade back in the direction of being a little too favorable for the Mets. Adding in another prospect or two would help even things out. Tarik Skubal, for instance, could be someone the Mets add for depth. Taking into account that Max Scherzer can opt out after this season and Carlos Carrasco’s contract expires, it couldn’t hurt for the Mets to get ahead of the game.

Baty plus another good prospect for Soto and Skubal? It would turn the clock back for Detroit’s hopes of winning yet set them up with a good bat, maybe two. The problem for the Mets is Soto is wild and they have enough starting pitcher depth at the moment.