These 3 teams should make Billy Eppler a trade offer for Brett Baty

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
Colorado Rockies v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Brett Baty will not be the future third baseman of the New York Mets as long as Carlos Correa’s medicals check out fine. This week’s stunner of a transaction, there’s plenty of fallout to keep an eye on including what the Mets decide to do with Baty.

Many fans are hoping to see him spend some time getting better in left field. Because Mark Canha is on a team option for the 2024 campaign and the organization doesn’t have an obvious replacement, it’s a logical jump.

This shouldn’t stop other MLB teams from calling up Billy Eppler to make an offer. Both those hoping to win now and looking to build something for the future should get on the phone and see what he Mets would like in exchange for one of the best prospects in baseball.

1) The Mets and White Sox are a match in a Brett Baty trade

The Mets and Chicago White Sox are actually a match in a couple of ways. If Liam Hendriks gets dealt, the Mets can offer Chicago several bats. Baty and Eduardo Escobar could be fits for them. In fact, both could start the year on their Opening Day roster. Escobar at second base and Baty at third base isn’t ideal for the White Sox yet a possible major improvement.

Yoan Moncada hasn’t turned into the budding superstar the White Sox thought he would be. Will the same misfortunates befall Baty on their roster?

Chicago could use some more offensive punch after losing Jose Abreu to the Houston Astros. They did sign Andrew Benintendi but remain a club with a lot of promise and not much execution. Hendriks would be the dream addition to add from the White Sox. If Baty’s involved, it might be the only kind of trade that makes sense. We'd still probably prefer the Mets hold onto B.B.