What has Brett Baty done since the Mets demoted him to the minors?

A check in on Brett Baty who has now played 6 games since getting demoted to the minors.
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Somewhere between Triple-A and Major League Baseball is a magical place where Brett Baty is an average player. Demoted to the minors from the majors in consecutive seasons, his future with the New York Mets is in jeopardy. He has struggled to put together any consistent offense. As promising as the defensive growth was in his time with the club, the absence of a major league-level bat will hold him back.

The Mets sent Baty down to the minors over two weeks ago and invited him to come back for their London trip. Since returning to Syracuse, he has been red hot.

Brett Baty has been red hot since the Mets demoted him

Baty has things to work on. Reps at second base were a surprise for the dossier. He has started one game at the position and went errorless in 4 chances. Shockingly, he has committed 2 errors in 22 opportunities as a third baseman. He had just as many in 122 at the major league level.

It’s the offense Mets fans are far more curious about, though. Six games with Syracuse since his demotion, Baty has been absolutely on fire. He owns a ridiculous .519/.500/.963 slash line with 3 home runs and only 2 strikeouts. He has driven in 10, doubled another 3 times, and has probably sent at least one Triple-A reliever to Indeed to look for other job listings.

By the end of the coming week, Baty could already reach some of his MLB totals with Syracuse. He has as many doubles through 6 games as he had in 50 for the major league Mets. He is now just 6 RBI shy of the 16 he had in 171 plate appearances.

It could be a little while longer before we see Baty back in the big leagues. Because he isn’t going to usurp significant playing time from Mark Vientos, proving he is a MLB-caliber second baseman is a must. Therefore, if a day passes without him at second base, the organization is doing him an injustice.

Baty back on the Mets roster might actually make them more complete than carrying DJ Stewart. His playing time has decreased a ton of late. There just isn’t much of a need for him any longer, especially with Francisco Alvarez back.

The Mets kindly brought Baty along with them to London as the 27th man. A kid with talent for sure, he has kept much of it hidden whenever he has been in the majors. Adding second base to his repertoire makes him more valuable. Still, he’ll need to hit to prove he has any value as one of the 26 players.