2 bold Mets strategies that'll work out well in 2024, 1 that'll be a failure

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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The outfield realignment focusing on defense will crash the offense

Harrison Bader will be a lot of fun to watch with a glove. At the plate, it feels like he’s going to be absent from school a few too many days.

The Mets had two directions they could go this winter with the outfield. The hole in left field will be filled by Brandon Nimmo. Bader will man center field after a bad season offensively and a career where he hasn’t been able to stay very healthy at all. An undoubtedly better defensive alignment can only carry the Mets so far. For every run Bader saves, how many rallies will he kill at the plate?

The Mets did need some sort of an outfield boost. Ideally, one of the large number of left fielders who could have also supplemented the DH spot. Bader is almost redundant on the roster with the presence of Tyrone Taylor. As an everyday player who struggles against right-handed pitchers, Bader could end up as the worst addition of the offseason. It came with a large $10.5 million deal, too. 

Perhaps it’s the fact the Mets were tight-budgeted with the offense yet gave Bader this much money which has me feeling like it’ll be a failure most. While Vientos does need regular at-bats at the DH spot, there’s no reason the Mets shouldn’t have already had a suitable backup plan. Did they even talk to Teoscar Hernandez

Bader is a great fourth outfielder who should start regularly against lefties. In the everyday lineup, it seems ridiculous. It’s a lot of money for a ball club with some doubts at third base and DH, a pair of positions where you do want some big offensive numbers.