2 bold Mets strategies that'll work out well in 2024, 1 that'll be a failure

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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The Mets will find a way for the DH spot to not be their Achilles heel

Up for debate, the plan at DH is imperfect and yet not something we have to worry about much for the simple fact it’s the one with the easiest solution. All the Mets have to do is plug in the best hitting player they have who doesn’t have a place to play on the field.

Geared up to hand the DH role primarily to Mark Vientos, it might not begin looking so great but can evolve into a strength rather easily. All it will take is one of the prospects to start hitting well enough to the point where he needs to be in the majors. For example, Drew Gilbert in the majors can push Starling Marte to the DH spot more regularly.

A competitive Mets team has an abundance of directions they could go toward at the trade deadline, too. As long as they avoid repeating the same mistakes from the past by adding players with too strong of limitations like they did in 2022, they should be fine.

Vientos will get a lot of leeway to prove he is or isn’t the man for regular DH at-bats. It’s necessary. The Mets have delayed finding out what he has to offer them for too long. If it doesn’t go the way they want it to, they can bail and look elsewhere.

The far bigger issue than getting production from the DH spot will be solving third base. Vientos is a butcher. Brett Baty isn’t much better and his bat speaks in whispers.