1 bold prediction for each member of the Mets starting lineup

New York Mets v Colorado Rockies - Game One
New York Mets v Colorado Rockies - Game One / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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4) NY Mets prediction for Pete Alonso: 140 RBI season

It’s hard to make a bold prediction for Pete Alonso because he seems like the type of player who can do some awesome things without being unbelievable. Is it bold to predict Alonso reaches 140 RBI? After driving in 131, maybe not so much.

Alonso is a run-producer and someone who seems to grow each season of his career. A slight uptick in home runs this year from the 40 he hit in 2022 will help him reach 140 RBI on the year. He gets there on the final day of the season with a two-run home run in a meaningless game he exits after the fifth inning.

5) NY Mets prediction for Jeff McNeil: Utility man Gold Glove winner

A lot of what is said about Alonso and doing the unthinkable could be attributed to Jeff McNeil. Saying he wins another batting title isn’t bold. Expecting him to break the franchise’s single-season batting average record is a little too big for me.

Instead, my McNeil prediction is a Gold Glove. MLB is now awarding one to a utility man. Because we should still expect McNeil to fill in at the two corner outfield positions occasionally, it’ll be an award he can win. He’s definitely a likable underdog voters will be captivated by.

6) NY Mets prediction for Mark Canha: Hits below .240

Mark Canha actually had a very good season for the Mets in 2022 compared to some of his past years. His power was down, but Canha did bat .266 which is much higher than the .244 he posted while with the Oakland Athletics.

My prediction for Canha is we see something closer to his Athletics days except no increase in pop. He’s going to hit below .240, something he did the year prior to joining the Mets. His OBP numbers should still be good thanks to a strong eye and, of course, willingness to take one for the team.