3 things Billy Eppler must do to become the Billy GOAT of GMs

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Billy Eppler isn’t new to the general manager role. He has experience in a big market with a big budget. And while his days with the Los Angeles Angels didn’t produce results, I’m willing to give him time to get things right in this same position with the New York Mets.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to lower the bar for him whatsoever. In fact, giving him this early benefit should only raise the final expectations.

I have no doubt Eppler will have a lot of resources to make it happen. I trust him enough to be a competent general manager. This hasn’t always been the case in recent Mets history.

Eppler’s goal might not be to become the greatest general manager of all-time. But if Billy Eppler wants to become the Billy GOAT of the Mets, he can start by accomplishing these three things.

Billy Eppler needs to make the NY Mets an attractive destination

The Mets weren't an incredibly desirable landing spot at the start of the offseason. Whether for a logical reason or reputation, players seemed to shy away from the organization.

Why was it? Just because they are “New York’s second team” shouldn’t sway anyone from not signing. In part, it’s all a little overblown that nobody wants to work or play here. There is some truth to it, though. Some people may simply see others steering clear and decide to do the same.

Eppler can help make this an attractive landing spot for free agents and executives. It’s not all up to him but he can get a strong stranglehold on the perception of the Mets. Signing Max Scherzer could go a long way toward accomplishing this.

On his end, he can start by continuing to add the right players. You want winners and guys who are good for the clubhouse. This extends beyond the players. Coaches and other higher-ups also have to have that same attitude.

The Mets didn't really have much of a culture in 2021. Back in 2019, it looked like they were aiming for one built largely on young and exciting players. Led by Pete Alonso, the presence is still there but has since gone hidden in the background.

Making Flushing the place to be is an important step to becoming the Billy GOAT. It could be the first or the last in the process. Perhaps one the most out of his control, there are other ways Eppler can become a New York sports legend.