The 5 biggest "what ifs" in Mets history

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5) What if David Wright stayed healthy?

7 All-Star Games, 2 Gold Glove Awards, and 2 Silver Slugger Awards. From the minute he arrived in Queens until 2013, David Wright was everything that a franchise player should be like. It’s what earned him the right to be named the 4th captain in Mets history in 2013. What happened during his time as captain, though? Well, the injury bug would continue to get the best of David. 

The Mets’ leader missed 50 games in 2013 and 28 games in 2014. From 2015-2018, Wright only played in 77 combined games, hitting just 12 total home runs in the four year span. We don’t know for sure what a healthy David Wright would have looked like during his mid-30s, but for a player that was breaking multiple Mets records before the injuries, just imagine how good his career numbers would look and be judged today.

David Wright is set to be on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time next year and regardless of the result, he’ll still be loved by Mets fans forever. While there’s still that small chance that he does sneak in, would there be any debate had he stayed on the field more often than he did?

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