3 biggest Mets offseason overreactions

Not rationale, these are three of the biggest overreactions by the fans this offseason.
Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets
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3) The Mets have had a good offseason

Grit your teeth if you must. The Mets haven’t had a good offseason. Smart? Yeah. Strategic? You betcha. Being the smartest person in the room or team in MLB doesn’t win you anything. The Mets have proceeded with some sort of a plan to take gambles on players who may or may not succeed in 2024. It’s not much different than what everyone does with any addition. The difference for the Mets is several of the newcomers either have a track record of injury or were terribly bad in recent seasons.

Better spin rates, an increase in velocity, and elite defense in center field isn’t enough to convince fans who refuse to wear orange and blue colored glasses that this was exactly what the team needed to do this offseason. They aren’t tanking, punting, or butt fumbling. The Mets are trying to sneakily grab players they believe can be much better than even the back of their baseball cards say they can be.

The problem with this strategy is they’re bound to miss on a lot of the additions. Add it with the uncertainties the ball club already had and the Mets need just about everything to go their way in order to compete.

Most frustrating is that they’ve done very little to get a head start on the following winter. Other than Sean Manaea, there is no second year available on any of the free agent deals. We can’t expect them to hit a home run on every target next offseason.

The Mets haven’t had a good offseason. While not the most miserable we’ve seen by a long shot, they’ve left too much room for error with the choices they’ve made.