3 biggest Mets offseason overreactions

Not rationale, these are three of the biggest overreactions by the fans this offseason.

Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets
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2) The Mets are picking up Yankees scraps

Do people in Chicago do this too or is it just us? When a player goes from the Cubs to the White Sox or vice versa, are there permanent binoculars on them or have those two teams lost so much over the last 100 years that they don’t really care?

In either case, anyone upset or critical of the Mets for adding ex-Yankees to their organization are overreacting. The majority of those raising this point in a negative light aren’t even Mets fans. Who cares where a player came from? Who cares where they go? The only person we care about where they came from is Cotton-Eyed Joe.

Harrison Bader is as much of a Yankee as one of the most forgettable Yankees you can think of. Luis Severino and even new Mets skipper Carlos Mendoza are far deeper into the discussion of ex-Yankees joining the Mets, but even so, why does it matter?

When it becomes routine for the Mets to continually sign former Yankees then maybe it becomes a point of discussion. The manager knows these guys and may have very well spoken up about what a good fit they’d be for the 2024 Mets.

If the Mets somehow end up with Josh Donaldson or Corey Kluber, then we can get concerned they’re doing nothing but looking at past Yankees rosters for warm bodies.

With the Yankees signing former Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman, we can only hope this narrative has ended.