3 biggest musts for the Mets to have any chance at winning the 2022 World Series

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New year, not the same old New York Mets. At least this is the hope for anyone whose baseball fandom lives in Queens.

The Mets haven’t had a full offseason to fully rebuild the team and point themselves in the direction they want. MLB’s lockout has put a stop to any further action but there’s no doubt they have already begun the process.

With World Series aspirations in the coming season, there are three absolute musts for the team in order to get to the stage of planning a parade route. Take away any of these, Mets fans may have their Octobers free once again.

The Mets need Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer to stay healthy

The duo of Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer at the front of the club’s starting rotation should have you staying awake at night with excitement. Their combined five Cy Young Awards and lack of signs that either is on the decline is enough to have fans excited about what lies ahead for this team.

Unfortunately, unforeseen injuries can make those plans go astray very quickly.

deGrom missed about half of the 2021 season and the Mets suffered because of it. Getting him back for a full season is necessary. They can survive him missing a few starts. More than just a handful, though, can completely tank the year if they’re not getting much else from their starters.

Scherzer will provide the Mets with more than deGrom insurance. Another one of baseball’s true aces, he’ll need to also stay on the field and take the mound every fifth day.

The rotation does have a few wild cards in it. Carlos Carrasco and Taijuan Walker have pitched well before, but after last year, there are reasons to doubt them. The other spot in the rotation is up in the air with the club possibly looking to add someone from outside of the organization. Everyone else should be viewed as nothing more than a depth piece.

deGrom and Scherzer are key for the Mets to win the World Series. In particular, each will need to be ready to go for the postseason. Losing even one of them could put the team at a huge disadvantage.