5 biggest headaches the Mets have had on the roster

Bobby Bonilla all smiles
Bobby Bonilla all smiles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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5) Bobby Bonilla gives New York Mets fans headaches as they watch him sit back and keep collecting a paycheck year after year after year

There is only one Met to have a day named after him. No…it’s not Tom Seaver. It’s not the first captain of the Mets, Keith Hernandez. Nor is it another Mets captain, Captain America, David Wright. It’s the one, and only, Bobby Bonilla.

Management and fans had a field day with Bonilla when he was signed by the Mets prior to the 1992 season,as a big-time free agent. Bonilla was raised in the Bronx and was quickly viewed as a hometown kid making good, but he just as quickly became a clubhouse headache.

The early to mid 90’s was a bizarre time period for the Mets. The team actually spent money but obviously didn’t spend it wisely. They bought big names, but also bought big attitudes. Big BAD attitudes. (See Vince Coleman above). Whether Bonilla was a victim of it or he was another that played a part in that insanity, he was finally shipped off to Baltimore during the 1995 season for some prospects. As if they needed it to be reinforced that he had worn out his welcome, the Mets brought him back for the 1999 campaign for a mere 60 games and a lot more fan booing.

And much like the headache that is of the chronic nature, that returns over and over again, we are reminded of Bonilla every year on July 1, the day known affectionately (insert eye roll) as Bobby Bonilla Day, when Bonilla is paid $1.19 million dollar annually, through the year 2035.

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