5 biggest draft busts in Mets history

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4) Biggest NY Mets first-round draft bust: Randy Sterling

Years before the Mets went bust with Blocker, they wasted their 1969 fourth overall selection on a pitcher named Randy Sterling. The high schooler would appear in 3 games for the 1974 team. That was it for his entire MLB career.

Sterling had several decent years on the farm with the Mets yet his career came to an end after the 1975 season where he spent all year in Triple-A. Sterling was viewed as an up-and-coming future star for the Mets from the time he was drafted. From a few places I read when doing some research on him, fans who were around when he was drafted still view him as a “forever future Mets star.”

The first-round of the 1969 draft wasn’t flush with talent at the top. After Jeff Burroughs and J.R. Richard at number one and two, you won’t find too many memorable names.

3) Biggest NY Mets first-round draft bust: Les Rohr

Scouting wasn’t a strength of the Mets early on. It does seem like they had plenty of misses early on. One of their biggest was the second-overall pick from the 1965 draft. Pitcher Les Rohr, a man born in the United Kingdom and drafted out of Montana, was the pick.

Rohr’s bust status is a little different. He did appear in parts of three seasons with the team from 1967-1969. By playing in just one game and allowing 3 earned runs in 1.1 innings of work, he’s one of the strangest players in Mets history to earn a World Series ring.

His place in the 1965 draft was an unfortunate one for the Mets. The only player ahead of him was Rick Monday, a successful MLB player who accumulated a 33.1 WAR in his career. Behind was Joe Coleman and his 23.2 WAR. Rohr was the meat between them with a -0.3 WAR and only 6 MLB games.