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Buck Showalter gives the manager job legitimacy

Managers might not have as much effect on the outcome of the game as the players. There’s still no denying how much sweeter it is for Buck Showalter to have the title heading into 2022.

The last two Mets managers took the job without any major league experience in the role. Mickey Callaway was a former pitching coach that never seemed cut out for the job. Luis Rojas could still have a fine future as a big league skipper. However, the timeline for him to learn on the job doesn’t match up well with what the Mets are hoping to accomplish. They’re ready to win now. He might not be.

Hiring Showalter always seemed like the most obvious move for this organization to make. He’ll bring with him plenty of experience—something severely lacking from the last two in his position.

Showalter probably won’t have the same authority as he did in previous years. The front office has far more say than when he last managed in New York, representing the Yankees back in 1995. If all he does do is provide the team with a respected voice that can nix any minor issues before they become more severe, the hire will have been the right one.

Hopefully, keeping things copacetic also leads to wins on the field and not just a friendly atmosphere behind the scenes.

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