3 big improvements the Mets have already made

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The Mets have Jacob deGrom insurance with Max Scherzer on the team

As soon as the Mets lost Jacob deGrom last year, the team seemed to spiral downward. It was an unfortunate series of events. The kicker came when the team got steamrolled against the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. Those two reminded the Mets that they weren’t in the upper echelon of the National League.

The Mets did little to recuperate the loss. This season, that won’t be the case.

Max Scherzer is the best kind of deGrom insurance money could buy. The greatest pitcher available in free agency this winter, he’s an important addition to the roster for more than just what it means for the ball club in the future. Scherzer remains a Cy Young contender and a guy that can compete alongside deGrom—a claim you can’t say for too many active MLB pitchers.

The Mets rotation is incomplete at the moment with one final spot in need of an improvement. With Scherzer at least here already, there's far less to worry about in regards to that final addition. Their options are a little more limited now. The one-two punch of deGrom and Scherzer is the kind Mets fans thought was limited to a dream. It’s a reality and could end up as the difference if the team can make it to the postseason.