3 big improvements the Mets have already made

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Everything, everyone, and every team can always get better. The New York Mets are no exception. Falling short of the playoffs and below .500 in 2021, they had several major needs to address.

The offseason, as never-ending as it feels at the moment, is far from over. When the MLB lockout finally ends, the Mets will have an opportunity to address other needs of theirs.

However, they have already made three major improvements.

The top of the Mets starting lineup is set with multiple options

Who bats leadoff for the Mets in 2022? Do they go with the familiar option of Brandon Nimmo or try taking advantage of Starling Marte’s speed and put him number one? The Mets can’t go wrong. Rising Apple’s Michael Cahill made the argument in favor of putting Marte first and having Mark Canha behind him.

The Mets have some quicker guys, ones with OBP skills, and a couple of ways they can formulate their lineups next season. In previous seasons, the debates were less strong. Nimmo has been the best fit to bat leadoff for them. This season, things are murkier.

The best problem a team can have is the one where there are too many good options. The Mets starting lineup, at number one and two, have a few choices.

Beyond just those three, let’s also remember Jeff McNeil is still on the roster. The Mets used Francisco Lindor at the number two spot plenty last season as well. He’s another name to consider.

Whoever they go with for the majority of the season, they have a wider selection to get the best lineup out there possible.