3 reasons the Mets are in a better spot than the Yankees

The Mets have taken steps to improve their long term future while the Yankees haven't
New York Mets v New York Yankees
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3. The NY Mets have started to adapt to the new age of baseball, the Yankees have not

The new rule changes have hurt both the Mets and the Yankees this season.

Speed, athleticism, and defense are more important with the new rules. The ban on shifts means you need quicker and better defenders on the infield. Limits to pickoff attempts and bigger bases make it easier to steal. The pitch clock makes it harder for older pitchers to recover between pitches.

The Mets have tried to rectify their problems in these areas by acquiring prospects who are fast, athletic, and good defenders. This would describe guys like Luisangel Acuna and Drew Gilbert, who they acquired at the trade deadline.

They have also drafted guys who fit this bill, like Jett Williams in the first round last year and Colin Houck in the first round this year. The organization has targeted athletes who can play up the middle and be versatile.

The Yankees have not gotten the memo and look more like a basketball team than a baseball team. They are old, slow, and unathletic.

If you have ever seen Judge or Stanton run the bases you know what I mean.

They didn't acquire any players that will help them in this area next season. The team will be another year older next year and another year slower. Volpe is the one guy they can hold their hat on as he has stolen 20 bases this year and been solid defensively. They need much more than just him though.

It seems like one team has a plan to make things better next season and one team has no plan at all. The Mets have chosen a direction, while the Yankees remain directionless.