3 reasons the Mets are in a better spot than the Yankees

The Mets have taken steps to improve their long term future while the Yankees haven't
New York Mets v New York Yankees
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2. The NY Mets have a better core of everyday players than the Yankees do

For most of the season the Mets core everyday players were a dissapointment.

Lately, they have been producing to their expected level. The Mets recent run has been fun to watch. It’s nice to see the Mets core players like Brandon Nimmo, Francisco Lindor, Pete Alonso, and Jeff McNeil produce. McNeil’s recent play has been particularly encouraging. The Mets need him to bounce back in a big way next year.

Add Francisco Alvarez, a 21 year old rookie catcher who has held his own for most of the year, and that is an excellent group of everyday players to build around. Not to mention guys like Brett Baty and Mark Vientos who have played with the Mets and struggled but have put up big numbers in Triple-A.

The Yankees do not have a group of core players to match what the Mets have.

Aaron Judge is a superstar and one of the best players in baseball, no debate there. Anthony Volpe is a very promising young shortstop who has a lot of potential. Besides Judge and Volpe the pickings are slim.

The only other productive everyday player the Yankees have is Gleyber Torres and he isn't exactly a fan favorite. The Yankees also have an albatross contract in Giancarlo Stanton that is unmovable.

The Mets don't have that type of player on their team. Starling Marte has been unproductive but his contract is up two years sooner than Stanton's. I'd feel much better about the Mets core of players performing well next year than the Yankees.