The Mets are better than the Braves in the first MLB Power Rankings of 2023

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
Atlanta Braves v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The MLB Power Rankings were kind to the New York Mets, ranking them better than the Atlanta Braves in the first edition of 2023. In fact, they were better than everyone other than the Houston Astros who won the World Series only a few months ago.

These are Power Rankings, though. And because we are in January, there’s nothing to base it off of other than offseason improvements with a twinge of prediction for the coming year.

Mets fans can revel in some satisfaction and should do so with any leftover champagne from their New Year’s celebration. Any win over the Braves is worth taking.

Why the Mets deserve a number 2 spot in the MLB Power Rankings

Their placement at number two does require the Mets to seal the deal with Carlos Correa. I think many would agree the feel around the organization is much different if he ends up not signing with the team. The lineup is almost exactly the same with him out of the picture.

Something I do wonder is how far would they drop without him. They are undoubtedly in the top 10 regardless. This is a 101-win team from last season that has managed to replace all of its free agents in some capacity. While the Braves have lost Dansby Swanson and continue to employ Marcell Ozuna, the Mets may very well have traded up with their three starting rotation additions. The unanswered Correa question is what could make a difference.

MLB Power Rankings are subjective. Thinking they had Correa and then losing him might be enough to drop the Mets as low as sixth. A kinder judge (not Aaron) might only go to fourth. It’s difficult to put the San Diego Padres behind the Amazins considering the additions they’ve made and how they were the team to eliminate the Mets in the playoffs.

It’s all opinion anyway. This opinion gives the Mets some early 2023 bragging rights over the Braves. Don’t be afraid to rub it in while it lasts.

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