The 3 best Mets wins against the Braves in team history

The three best wins the Mets mustered against the rival Braves.
New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza (2nd R) is congr
New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza (2nd R) is congr / MATT CAMPBELL/GettyImages
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Best Mets wins: 1969 NLCS

Long before the Mets and Braves were bitter rivals, they would face off in the first ever National League Championship Series. Taking place in 1969, the Mets represented the East with the Braves from the West. Three games in three days with the first two in Atlanta would result in the first ever postseason sweep in Mets history.

Tom Seaver got the win in Game 1 with the Mets offense helping him out a ton. The 9-5 win had little drama. The story wasn’t much different a day later in Game 2 when the Mets took the game 11-6. Tug McGraw would have one of his patented 3-inning saves.

The finale wasn’t much different. Despite two runs for the Braves in the first, the Mets would battle back in the middle of the game to take the lead. A Wayne Garrett dinger in the bottom of the fifth helped them retake the lead with Ken Boswell later adding an RBI single to tack on some insurance. They’d score another run and complete the sweep with this 7-4 win.

Sometimes lost to time, the 1969 NLCS win over the Braves might get overlooked for a couple of reasons. For one, the Mets were the better regular season team with 100 wins versus the 93 by Atlanta. Still, up against a lineup featuring Hank Aaron, Rico Carty, and Orlando Cepeda in the middle, it’s difficult to dismiss this as a favorite handling their business.

There’s no legendary moment from this series like there was from the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles. Nevertheless, if you’re going to talk about the best Mets wins against the Braves, you need to discuss the playoff series they won.