The best WAR season by a Mets catcher in franchise history

Which Mets catcher had the highest WAR season?
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The New York Mets have gotten some monstrous seasons out of their catchers. It’s a position where fans demand, at the very least, for a competent defender. It’s one position in the team’s history that made it a long time without a huge drought of weakness.

Using the WAR statistic only, which catcher had the best season of all?

The best NY Mets WAR season by a catcher belongs to Gary Carter in 1985

Gary Carter had the best WAR season of any Mets catcher in 1985 during his first year with the club. It’s easy to see how he was able to accumulate a 6.9 WAR, a total tied for ninth all-time in franchise history.

The Kid hit 32 home runs and drove in 100. These did little to make a huge difference in his WAR. This is a number relying much more heavily on the totals from a player’s slash line. Fortunately, Carter was brilliant there as well. He batted .281/.365/.488 for the Mets in his 149 games and 633 plate appearances.

Those giant numbers coming from the catcher position was a pleasant addition to the Mets. Equally as valuable was what he brought to the team behind the plate. Although Carter never won a Gold Glove with the Mets, he posted a 1.9 WAR on defense for the Mets in this epically good campaign.

It was thanks to his defense Carter was able to have the best WAR season of any Mets catcher. Although Mike Piazza had some seasons of superior offensive numbers, his defense didn’t come close to matching Carter. His best WAR campaign was in 1998 when he was worth 5.4. What makes Piazza’s year something to marvel about is how he didn’t even spend the entire season with the Mets. He wouldn’t join them until late May.

Carter is held in high regard by Mets fans who saw him play and even by those who have to go off of the highlights and numbers. His 1985 season was more than the best for a Mets catcher. It was one of the better years any position player has had in blue and orange.