The best Mets trade with the White Sox

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The New York Mets and Chicago White Sox haven’t made a trade with each other since 2009. Ramon Castro and cash went to the White Sox in exchange for Lance Broadway. It’s not exactly one of those memorable trades either club has made.

Despite being in different leagues and having no real competition between the two, the pair haven’t made very many deals together. However, there is one that sits above all of the rest.

On December 15, 1967, Buddy Booker, Tommy Davis, Jack Fisher, and Billy Wynne were all sent to the White Sox for only two players. Fortunately, those two were pretty memorable. Their names were Al Weis and Tommie Agee.

The best Mets trade with the White Sox gave them a pair of World Champions

Weis was the lesser of the two players the Mets acquired. A light-hitting shortstop, he hit only .191 in parts of four seasons with the Mets. It’s what he did in the World Series in 1969 that makes this deal sweeter than it already was.

Weis went 5 for 11 with 4 walks and a home run against the Baltimore Orioles. His leadoff home run in the bottom of the seventh in Game 5 tied the game at 3. An inning later, the Mets would take the lead and go on to win it all.

But that’s hardly what makes this such a good trade for the Mets. The real prize was picking up Agee.

Agee had a short yet productive tenure with the Mets. Although things started poorly in 1968, he managed to become one of the club’s best hitters in 1969. Agee hit 26 home runs, drove in 76, and slashed .271/.342/.464 for the champs. He added 24 more home runs the next year with 75 more RBI. His other skills were put on full display. Agee won a Gold Glove and stole 31 bases.

As one of the best outfielders and players in club history, it’s an easy selection to declare this the best trade between the Mets and White Sox.

Honorable mention trades between the Mets and White Sox

Does dumping Roberto Alomar on the White Sox count as an honorable mention? If not, we may need to look at a trade involving his father, Sandy Alomar Sr., as the only other one of note.

In July of 1967, Alomar Sr. and Ken Boyer were traded for Bill Southworth and J.C. Martin. Martin falls into that same class as Weis as being known for one big postseason moment. Rather than hit a home run, Martin knocked in the game-winner when a sacrifice bunt attempt turned into a throwing error.

This occurred in Game 4 of the 1969 World Series. It put the Mets up 3-1. In the next game, Weis would have his moment.

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