10 best Mets trade targets they should go after even if they decide to sell

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8) A trade between the New York teams would make a lot of sense for the Mets and Yankees

A few weeks ago, WFAN's Evan Roberts proposed that the New York Mets and New York Yankees should make a trade that would meet the needs of each team. At the time, Robert suggested that the Mets could trade Tommy Pham to the Yankees for a controllable reliever.

This is a trade that would make a lot of sense for both teams. The Yankees clearly have a need for a bat with the ability to play left field that doesn't cost them a valuable prospect.

For their part, the Mets should consider selling Pham, a rental player with significant value this season who could help them get help in future seasons. But to do that, the Mets, in their seller position, must leverage the highest possible return for Pham.

In this sense, Ron Marinaccio would be the ideal fit for the Mets. Marinaccio is a young, controllable pitcher with the ability to limit contact, who they could get without needing to touch their big prospects in their farm system.

The Yankees might be reluctant to let go of a pitcher of this caliber, but the depth of their relief and the high need for a bat like Pham could earn points in the Mets' favor as we approach the trade deadline. So the Mets could get a reliever who could help them this season and in the future, improving a bullpen that has been a pain in the ass for the organization all season.