10 best Mets trade targets they should go after even if they decide to sell

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6) Alex Lange could be an ideal reliever for the Mets, if they get him at a moderate value

The Mets are going to be interested in getting controllable players at this trade deadline, concentrating on pitching arms. Among the options on the market, an interesting reliever is Alex Lange.

Lange is in his third year in MLB and this year he is putting up regular numbers. However, this reliever has the ability to generate a good swing and miss and limit the hard hit contact of his opponents.

However, Lange has not entered his first year of arbitration yet, which increases his value in the market thanks to being a young and controllable pitcher. This would make the Detroit Tigers seek to boost the highest return on prospects for this pitcher.

The Mets should try to combine average prospects with the acquisition of a contract that the Tigers want out of to limit the payment for the services of this pitcher. Additionally, the team can benefit from the fact that Lange is having a regular season affected by command and control problems, and that the relief position is the most volatile on the market.

The Mets can acquire the $10 million contract for this season of Matt Boyd, who is out for 2023 with an injury to his pitching elbow. With this the Mets could pay close to $5 million for Lange and only have to offer prospects in the top 25-30 of the team.