10 best Mets trade targets they should go after even if they decide to sell

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5) Among the Chicago White Sox's put options is a veteran pitcher who could work for the Mets

The fire sale of the Chicago White Sox includes among all its options a veteran pitcher of long standing in MLB who has not been having his best year. Lance Lynn is in the final season of his contract which nets $18 million this season and includes a 2024 club option of $18 million or a $1 million buyout.

Lance Lynn has been suffering this year from worse results due to an increase in hard-hit contact allowed. However, in the last two seasons, he had shown a better level, especially in 2021 when he posted an ERA of 2.69.

Lynn has improved his strikeout ability this season from last year but has had control issues that haven't helped his results. However, the metrics show that Lynn would have a much better xERA than his current ERA in 2023.

The Mets should consider Lynn among their options at the trade deadline. With his current salary, the value of this veteran will be low, which would imply that the Mets would have to sacrifice a few levels of prospects to assume the entire contract.

The Mets would have the option of placing Lynn in the rotation this year and testing if, with some tweaking, he could be an option for the bottom of the rotation in 2024. In a case of failure, the Mets would only have to pay the $1 million pledged as a buyout at the end of this season if what Lynn observed in the remainder of 2023 does not convince them.