10 best Mets trade targets they should go after even if they decide to sell

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4) The Mets should call the San Diego Padres for a former top prospect

Another way the Mets can get some controllable pitching help can be quite creative. The San Diego Padres, like the Mets, finds in a disappointing spot after putting together a favorite team to make it to the World Series.

While the Padres owner is financially committed to doing what he can to win the championship, the funds aren't as limitless as Steve Cohen's. In this sense, for the Padres to be able to get out of a contract that gives them budgetary flexibility to get more help this year or go for Shohei Ohtani, it would be ideal.

The Mets can take advantage of this juncture and buy the remainder of Drew Pomeranz's $10 million from this season. Pomeranz is out of baseball for the 2023 due to an injury to his pitching arm.

By making this move, the Mets could acquire a controllable arm from San Diego, but it would be hard for the Padres team to sell one of their controllable relievers in MLB. Then lefty Jay Groome enters the equation.

Groome was ranked the number one prospect in the 2016 draft but has never lived up to expectations. Command problems and injuries have limited the potential of this young pitcher, who is the number nine prospect in the Padres organization.

Groome is old enough and experienced to pitch in MLB, but command issues and loss of speed on his fastball have limited his results. However, a pitcher of this caliber has a high ceiling capable of developing better techniques on the mound.

The Mets are implementing a new pitching lab capable of enhancing skills with prospects of this type. The team can take advantage of this opportunity and incorporate into its farm system a pitcher that in a short time, with the correct development, can be a pitcher for the Mets' rotation.