10 best Mets trade targets they should go after even if they decide to sell

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10) The Mets may consider a cheap, controllable option with the Colorado Rockies

In their quest to get creative this summer heading to the trade deadline, the Mets may want to consider controllable options for their bullpen that are cheap. This is the case for Justin Lawrence of the Colorado Rockies.

The 28-year-old reliever is having a good season in the Rockies' bullpen. With a sub 3.00 ERA and inducing weak, low-quality hitting from his opponents, Lawrence is an interesting option on the market.

His years of control make him a potentially expensive pitcher, but given his low league popularity, short track record and limited pitching arsenal, he may be a viable option for the Mets. Lawrence owns a sweeper and sinker that round out his pitch types, with the sweeper being the better of the two, generating opposition batting under .150 with little power contact.

Due to the volatility of the relief position and the fact that this pitcher's previous seasons have been below average for the league, the Mets should try to make a trade for this middle reliever. The cost of a pitcher like Lawrence could be around top 20-25 prospects, the return wouldn't be abysmal.

In a rotation that this 2023 and the following season will depend on a lot of help from the bullpen, due to the age of its pitchers, getting young and efficient help is necessary. The Mets could use Justin Lawrence for a long time in the bullpen, as he has five more years of control.