11 Mets starting pitcher trade candidates ranked from the bottom to the top

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5) NY Mets trade target Chris Bassitt

The Athletics weren’t going to survive long without getting on this list. Although we’re more than halfway done, we get our first appearance at number five. It’s a guy who has flown under the radar for the last several seasons, Chris Bassitt.

The owner of a 3.47 ERA in 555.2 innings of big league baseball, Bassitt was an All-Star last year. In 27 starts, he went 12-4 with a 3.15 ERA. It was just his second season of starting consistently and a nice follow-up from the 5-2, 2.29 ERA performance he had in 11 starts back in 2020.

Bassitt might be the least known guy to finish in the top ten of the Cy Young in each of the last two years. A bit older than some other guys on this list and with just a single season of control, he’s an enticing one-year solution to consider. The Athletics are in full trade mode. Those ready to buy, like the Mets, should definitely look at him as someone to head into the season with. If things fail, they can readjust midyear at the trade deadline.

Compared to some of his teammates, the cost to acquire Bassitt probably won’t get too high. That single year of control hurts his value and could give the Mets enough reason to pursue.