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This is possibly the most underrated New York Mets trade ever made. It directly led to them getting into the World Series the very next year thanks to the arrival of two players.

At the time, the Atlanta Braves were in the National League West and not the biggest of rivals for the Amazins. They had faced each other in the 1969 NLCS but had yet to compete for a regular season title. Because of this, they were able to finalize a deal with the organization that would cause them so much pain in the future.

After seven seasons in Atlanta as a Gold Glove-winning second baseman, the Braves shipped Felix Millan to New York. They were also able to pick up pitcher George Stone in the deal as well. A deal struck ahead of the 1973 season, it had great benefits for the Mets.

The trade the Mets made with the Braves was the deal for Felix Millan and George Stone

In return, the Braves acquired reliever Danny Frisella and starter Gary Gentry. It became apparent very quickly who got the best of this deal. Frisella and Gentry just weren’t the same quality arms they had been during their years in New York.

Meanwhile, Millan picked up right where he left off. He had 185 hits for the 1973 Mets while batting .290. The light-hitting second baseman gave the club steady offense and defense for the next several years. In 1975, he played all 162 games and set a franchise record with 191 hits. Routinely challenged to find offense, it was a huge boost for the Metropolitans.

Stone’s story was a little different. After some fine years in Atlanta, he struggled in 1972 which led to him getting traded. Fortunately, in 1973, he had one fantastic year in him. Stone would go 12-3 with a 2.80 ERA as a starter and reliever. Alongside Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, and Jon Matlack, he helped complete a starting rotation that battled hard and came one win away from a championship parade.

Honorable mention Mets trades with the Braves

A more recent deal was struck between the Mets and Braves in 2015 that helped get them to the World Series. On July 24, 2015, the two swapped a couple of veterans and youngsters.

Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe went to New York with John Gant and Rob Whalen going to Atlanta. The pieces the Mets landed helped give them some options for the infield, most notably at third base where they were trying to get by while David Wright was injured. Johnson and Uribe were not spectacular but as utility men who came up with some big hits during the season, this trade more than deserves an honorable mention.

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