How the Mets can replicate the success of the last two National League pennant winners

More work must be done to ensure this.
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The Mets team defense must improve.

A hallmark of David Stearns' consistent success with the Brewers was the construction of great defense and run prevention. His methods of evaluating players based on those things were innovative and needed for a franchise that had little sustained success in its history prior to Stearns' arrival there.

After seeing the Mets defense flounder last year, Stearns focused his offseason signings on players whose defensive skills would help the team win games in a different manner. Joey Wendle and Zack Short were two such examples. However, Wendle's defensive play was not there and eventually had to be cut. The Mets had no place for Short in their everyday plans, so he had to be let go too.

Harrison Bader, however, has been a wonderful addition to the Mets, with his defense playing as big a part of his success as the clutch hitting. Luis Torrens has been an asset behind the plate with his defense in his small sample since being acquired from the Yankees.

Among returning players from last year, Francisco Lindor has been strong defensively, while Jeff McNeil, Pete Alonso, and Starling Marte have been lacking, as their fielding run values are poor.

The Diamondbacks last season committed the fewest errors, had the highest fielding percentage, and ranked 4th in defensive runs saved. This year, the Mets, even with the shift in front office philosophy, rank near the bottom in all of those categories this season.