How the Mets can replicate the success of the last two National League pennant winners

More work must be done to ensure this.
New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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The Mets should get more aggressive stealing bases.

The new rules that were implemented for the 2023 season rewarded the teams that were speedy and athletic. The pickoff and disengagement rules and larger bases have tilted the scales to benefit offense, and that includes base stealing.

Last year's Diamondbacks team probably would not have gone far without the rules, and their team's overall aggressiveness and speed offered them major advantages over their three NL playoff foes on their way to an unexpected World Series appearance. The Diamondbacks stole 166 bases and were successful 86 percent of the time. Both ranked second in the majors last season.

Among the Diamondbacks' stolen base leaders were Corbin Carroll (54), Jake McCarthy (26), Geraldo Perdomo (16) and Tommy Pham (11 in 50 games after being traded by the Mets).

The Phillies were a strong baserunning team in their World Series year two years ago, a year where the old rules remained in place, when they stole 105 bases at a success rate of 79 percent.

The Mets have stolen 51 bases this season while only being caught 10 times, as Starling Marte and Francisco Lindor each have more than 10 steals. But other teams have already stolen 100 bases, and it's not even the end of June yet. The Mets have been burned as a defense by runs scoring directly off steals of second base. It's time for the Mets to return the favor more often.