5 best ranked Mets prospects the team shouldn't hesitate to trade in the right deal

If the price is right, the Mets shouldn't hesitate to trade any of these top 30 prospects.
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5) Ronald Hernandez, MLB Pipeline Ranked 21st

Ronald Hernandez was a trade deadline addition last summer. Acquired from the Miami Marlins in the David Robertson deal, many of the same rules with Parada apply to him. There is no need to bear hug your best catching prospects when you have a young stud like Alvarez.

Only 20-years-old, Hernandez is quickly becoming a notable catching prospect in MLB. He’s with St. Lucie batting .290/.385/.387 in 252 trips to the plate. Given some time at first base and the DH spot as well, Hernandez is a different type of hitter than Alvarez—at least so far. He hasn’t had the power explosion. Listed at 5’11 and only 155 pounds, growing into a larger frame will help.

Hernandez falls well behind Parada on the list of top Mets prospects anywhere you may look, but the spidey-sense might have you desiring to keep him more. Hernandez has yet to hit a wall in the minor leagues.

Just because Hernandez is blocked at his main position for the foreseeable future doesn’t mean the Mets have to toss him aside carelessly. But in the current state of Major League Baseball where about half of the teams don’t expect a thing offensively from their catchers, having a young guy like him hitting seems like too good of an asset to not use. It was Hernandez and Marco Vargas whom the Mets received for Robertson. Has Hernandez proven himself enough where it could just be him headlining a trade for a lesser pitcher?