5 best ranked Mets prospects the team shouldn't hesitate to trade in the right deal

If the price is right, the Mets shouldn't hesitate to trade any of these top 30 prospects.
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3) Nick Morabito, MLB Pipeline Ranked 26th

In a different pack of Mets minor leaguers is Nick Morabito. A rising prospect having a nice year, the reason for trading him isn’t because it’s time to give up.

Morabito is a light-hitting outfielder with speed and a tremendous bat to ball ability. An old-school style of player, he’s a bit of a clone of another Mets prospect they already have, Rhylan Thomas. The main difference is Thomas is ahead of Morabito in terms of MLB-ready; if he ever gets there at all.

Players like Morabito don’t tend to translate well into everyday players. He can be exciting but the absence of power gets exhausting and usually has players like him on the bench. When it comes to trading a player like him away, it’s a no-brainer if you can improve your chances at a championship.

Morabito was promoted from St. Lucie to Brooklyn with a .397/.530/.513 slash line. He has hit well in Brooklyn, but the drop off is big—how could it not be? In High-A, Morabito holds a .288/.376/.368 slash line. The noticeable slugging percentage below the OBP tells us exactly what type of player he can be. He will never hit for much power.

Morabito does run a lot. With 33 stolen bases this season, he’s a pain for opposing pitchers. A nice and maybe more fun hitter to watch play, the Mets bench is the best place he could end up if he stays with the organization.