5 best ranked Mets prospects the team shouldn't hesitate to trade in the right deal

If the price is right, the Mets shouldn't hesitate to trade any of these top 30 prospects.
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2) Kevin Parada, MLB Pipelined ranked 9th

Many fans were soured on Kevin Parada last year. Unfortunately, this season hasn’t gone much better. Drafted ahead of Jett Williams back in 2022, Parada’s days with the Mets organization have always felt numbered with the quick rise of Francisco Alvarez. What purpose does it serve to keep him around if someone is willing to take a chance?

Parada’s trade value has tanked further this year, but that shouldn’t stop some teams from viewing him as a viable prospect worth adding to their farm system. The “change of scenery” scenario could always apply here. After all, Parada has to be smart enough to realize starting for the Mets is a near impossibility. A backup role is the best he could hope for and those jobs are best suited for journeymen veterans or gifted defenders. Parada is neither.

The bat hasn’t come to life this year. After 230 trips to the plate, Parada has offered a .211/.287/.368 slash line with 7 home runs. He strikes out a ton, too. He has 79 already this season in 58 games. Compared to 19 walks, Parada is about as undisciplined as they come.

One good quality is he has thrown out 22% of attempted base stealers. This is around what the average is in the major leagues. There may be some hope for him there.