5 best Mets promotions on the schedule in 2023

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Opening Day is just around the corner for the New York Mets, but one announcement Mets fans are always excited to see is the upcoming season's promotions. Well, the wait is over, as the Mets announced it earlier last week, and fans are already circling dates on their calendar to pick which games they will want to attend this season.

As a 20-game plan holder, walking into Citi Field knowing I will get some great promotion is always the icing on the cake, and this year, there are some great giveaways. So let's look at the five best promotions fans should want to get their hands on! There are my five personal favorites ranked.

1) Mets Promotion: Howie Rose Sound Bobblehead, 5/31

In many people's eyes, he is a broadcasting legend. When Mets fans are in their car listening to the game on the radio, they are most likely hearing the great voice of Howie Rose. Howie has been with the Mets since 1995 and has been calling games on the radio since 2006. He is a broadcasting legend in many people's eyes, and this bobblehead is a neat tribute.

In recent months, the news reported that Howie has been dealing with bladder cancer since 2021. While he has had procedures and treatment, he is continuing his broadcasting career in hopes of calling a Mets World Series sometime in the near future. His famous line when the final out is made for a Mets win is, "Put it in the books!" This bobblehead shows that with the stack of books.

2) Mets Promotion: Edwin Diaz Trumpet Bobblehead, 8/15

Sound the Trumpets! The best closer in baseball gets his own bobblehead on August 15th, and this one looks as cool as it sounds. Diaz is leaning on a big trumpet while smiling with his name on the bottom of the bobblehead. "Narco," performed by Timmy Trumpet, is a national phenomenon thanks to Diaz using it as his walk-out music, and this bobblehead goes hand and hand with that statement.

3) Mets Promotion: Sport Jerseys Nights, 7/18, 8/9, 9/12

Sports jersey nights are a brand new promotion the Mets are introducing this year. On these selected dates, they will hand out Mets-themed basketball, football, and hockey jerseys. The design should be great for these jerseys; hopefully, this promotion will continue in the future.

4) Mets Promotion: Buck Showalter-Inspired Windbreaker, 9/28

Who doesn't like Buck Showalter and doesn't love his windbreaker? Buck is a fan favorite and one of the best baseball minds in the league. So to, to show Buck some love, the Mets are handing out windbreakers that resemble the one he wears almost every game. Great promotion choice by the Mets on this one.

5) Mets Promotion: Pete Alonso- Inspired Neon Sunglasses, 6/4

Last year Pete Alonso got his polar bear bobblehead, and this year the Mets are giving out sunglasses inspired by the ones he wears. Pete wears these oversized neon-type sunglasses every afternoon game, and they look gorgeous. Fans that attend this one won't need to bring their sunglasses to this Sunday afternoon affair against the Toronto Blue Jays as they can wear these Alonso glasses all game.

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