The best Mets who also played for the Yankees

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David Cone

As much as David Cone would be AN ace (not necessarily THE ace) of the Mets staff during his years, Cone’s most memorable game is the perfect game he threw for the Yankees on July 18, 1999. It was tough for Mets fans to swallow because Cone was most memorable as a Met for the time he provided locker room fodder for the Dodgers during the playoffs in 1988 when he wrote a piece for the Daily News. Because of that, Mets fans will forget the 20-3 season he had.

Cone had an outstanding career overall, even though he spent time with a number of organizations. He was most dominating during his first 5 plus seasons with the Mets -1987-1992. He won 81 games and pitched to a 3.13 ERA. He completed 34 games during that time, 15 of them shutouts. He also struck out 1,172 hitters. But he never threw a no hitter.

After a couple of stops with both the Royals and Blue Jays, he was traded to the Yankees during the 1995 season and then signed with them as a free agent at the end of the season, and would be with the club for six seasons (1995-2000).

Cone would be another ex-Met who would be a part of the Yankees dynasty of the 90’s. He would win another 64 games in the Bronx and had his only other 20-win season during the ’98 campaign.