The best Mets player to wear number 25

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Once again, the lack of talent in the mid-twenties is surprising. The New York Mets have had a solid amount of players wear number 25, but no star power. Frank Thomas was the first player to wear number 25 for the Mets and was a pretty good player. Kazuo Matsui wore it during his disappointing Mets tenure. Pedro Feliciano seemed to pitch every single day wearing number 25 as well. The most recent Met to wear the number was Chin-lung Hu back in 2011, which surprised me.

The best player who's worn number 25 as a Met is Bobby Bonilla.

I know, the contract is horrible. Bobby Bonilla makes $1.19 million dollars every year on July 1st until the year 2035. He will be 72 years old when the payments stop. This was a result of the Mets coming up with an agreement to defer the rest of his contract when released in 2000.

Bobby Bonilla is the best Mets player to wear number 25

Bonilla's awful contract and the annoying headlines every July 1st don't take away from his production on the field. While he wasn't as good as he was in Pittsburgh, Bonilla was still a good player with the Mets.

The Mets signed Bonilla after he had made four straight all-star teams with the Pirates. His first season as a Met did not go as planned as he slashed .249/.348/.432 with 19 home runs and 70 RBI. Not horrible, but not what the Mets thought they were getting.

Bonilla's second season with the Mets was his best. He slashed .265/.352/.522 with 34 home runs and 87 RBI. The 34 home runs were a career high at the time and was a total that he never topped in his 16 year career. He was an all-star and lived up to the player the Mets thought they were getting.

Bonilla was on his way to having an even better 1994 season but was traded mid-season to Baltimore. Overall in his Mets career he slashed .270/.356/.495 with 95 home runs and 295 RBI in 515 games. He wasn't the star he was in Pittsburgh, but he was still a pretty good player. The contract really overshadows that.

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