Top 6 Mets outfield trios in franchise history

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5) NY Mets Best Outfield Trios: Moises Alou, Carlos Beltran, Shawn Green

I was torn about this entry. I needed to get Carlos Beltran in there somehow. Because he wasn’t always matched up with the greatest of Mets outfielders, I wasn’t quite sure where to go.

Then it hit me: the 2007 Mets. Even if things ended poorly, the outfield trio, as brief as they were together, was a big part of the reason why they were contenders.

From left to right, we have Moises Alou, the aforementioned Beltran, and the 2006 trade acquisition, Shawn Green. This was the season where Alou hit .341/.391/.524 in a little more than half a season—87 games. It’s really a shame the Mets didn’t get more of the Moises experience.

While Beltran didn’t have his best season in New York in 2007, he was pretty terrific. This campaign included a .276/.353/.525 slash line, 33 home runs, and 112 RBI. Add in his 23 stolen bases and the last of his Gold Glove seasons, we have ourselves an important piece to the club’s success.

Finally, there’s Green. In his final big league season, Green hit an underwhelming 10 home runs and drove in 46 but made up for it with 30 doubles and a .291/.352/.430 slash line.

Add in that they were a righty, switch-hitter, and lefty, we have ourselves one of the most complete outfield trios to ever patrol the grounds in Flushing.