Top 6 Mets outfield trios in franchise history

New York Mets v San Diego Padres
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Outfield trios can make or break a season. I find them fascinating because, unlike an infield, no single position really has a designated purpose. We’ve seen it plenty throughout New York Mets history, too. Center fielders aren’t always the light-hitting ones. Left fielders don’t always provide the most power.

After searching through Mets history, I thought it might be interesting to come up with the best outfield trios in franchise history. Because the organization has succeeded with platoons plenty over the years, I found myself adding a couple of pairs in as well.

Considerations for this list included everything from production to how long the trio stayed together. Some of the trios on this list only lasted a short time. Because of that, they may not rank as high as they could have.

6) NY Mets Best Outfield Trios: Michael Conforto, Yoenis Cespedes, Curtis Granderson

Imagine if these three stayed together longer than a couple of months. Brought to us in 2015, this Mets outfield trio included three very different players who came together at different points in their career to make up one of the best outfields in club history.

In left field, we have rookie Michael Conforto. In center field, we have 2015 Yoenis Cespedes. And finally, over in right field, there’s the veteran of the group, Curtis Granderson.

Together, these three provided the Mets with an offensive force from all angles. Most notably, they hit for power and were terrific at getting on base.

Only because it lasted for such a short period of time is this not ranked higher. While we did experience it to a lesser extent in 2016, things weren’t quite the same.