The Mets are the best in MLB when it comes to these 3 areas

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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2) The Mets have the best manager in MLB

Buck Showalter is not only the National League Manager of the Year for his work with the Mets in the 2022 season but the best manager in all of MLB. This statement is not only due to his skills as a coach but, to his experience and knowledge of the game.

Buck came to a Mets team quite divided in the clubhouse with events such as the fight between Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil, the episode of thumbs down to the fans, or some conflicts due to the attitudes of some players. Showalter in his maturity and experience led the clubhouse not only by the establishment of order but creating an environment and culture of teamwork.

Thanks to his knowledge of the game, he managed to save some wins last year. Buck's IQ and command of the rules came to the fore on several occasions creating situations like JD Davis' steal of second base early last season.

Situations like that and the management of the team make Buck Showalter a top manager in the league. Many could argue that there are better ones out there but, none have made as quick and significant a difference as Buck with the Mets, which makes him the best in baseball right now.