4 best free agent Jacob deGrom replacements if he leaves this offseason

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2) NY Mets can replace Jacob deGrom with Tyler Anderson

Has Tyler Anderson figured things out or is he just having a case of playing in the right environment? The veteran lefty is off to an amazing start with the Los Angeles Dodgers this season. After playing for three teams in his previous two seasons, perhaps he has finally blossomed into the 20th overall pick he was meant to be.

Anderson’s career is a strange one because it started off with the Colorado Rockies. That’s never helpful for any pitcher. Unable to master Coors Field, he has bounced around after the 2019 season without much success. This has changed a lot in 2022 as he’s making a case for a nice multi-year contract next year.

Anderson would hardly replace deGrom as directly as some of the other guys on this list would. One good year doesn’t make up for the mediocrity prior. However, in filling the open hole in the rotation, he could be a consideration on a lesser deal.

Our third December birthday on this list, he’ll turn 33 at the end of this year. We’d have to trust the Mets scouts to know whether or not Anderson truly is a guy to target in free agency or if what he is doing with the Dodgers this season is a limited-time offer.