10 best free agent targets the Mets need to go after hard in the next two offseasons

These 10 free agents need to be Mets targets over the next two offseasons.
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3) The superstar the Mets have been waiting for will be available in 2025

A figure that has been in everyone's eye on the way to 2025 is Juan Soto. The baseball superstar would go to free agency after the next season, becoming the most important position player in his class.

Soto is an advanced hitter in baseball since his arrival in the league, with high knowledge of the strike zone, contact, and power, making him one of the best hitters of our generation. Likewise, his figure, style, and personality add to his skills as a leader and partner in the clubhouse.

Sotos is a client of Scott Boras, and because of how the negotiations with his players have flowed, it is correct to think that to sign Soto, one would have to assume an almost record figure for a player in terms of money and contract time because he would be a free agent. with just 26 years. Soto would become the best Mets player immediately, in a possible contract that could be for 14 years.

Although the Mets have future outfield options in Brandon Nimmo, Drew Gilbert, Ryan Clifford, and Alex Ramirez, signing a player like Soto makes the team a potential dynasty. Soto is possibly the player the Mets have been needing for years to consolidate their offense.